Stud Ram

What To Do:
  • If another player owns THAT Stud Ram, you need to pay the STUD FEE to that player. The stud fee is shown on the Stud Ram square.
  • If nobody owns that Stud Ram, you have the option to buy that particular Stud Ram for $500 from the Bank, and you will receive a "Bill of Sale" card to indicate ownership. 
  • If you decide NOT to buy the Stud Ram, it is auctioned by the bank to the highest bidder. All players (including you) may participate in the auction.
More Information:
  • Each Stud Ram you own increases the value of your wool cheque by $25 per pen.
  • Stud Rams can be purchased if you are in drought, and do not need to be sold if you land on drought after you buy one.
  • Stud Rams can be sold to the bank during any turn for $400.