Natural Pasture

Game Information:

  • Every player begins the game with 5 Natural Pasture Paddocks on their property, stocked with 3 Sheep Pens in each Natural Pasture Paddock. So that's 15 Sheep Pens in total across the 5 Natural Pasture Paddocks, to begin with.
  • You ALWAYS have FIVE PADDOCKS to your property. Never any more or any less than 5 paddocks. So when you buy your first Improved Pasture, you have Improved that paddock from Natural to Improved. You then have 4 Natural Pasture Paddocks, and 1 Improved Pasture Paddock.
  • You need to BUY Improved Pasture paddocks (Green) before you can move your sheep from your Natural Pastures (Orange) to Improved
  • Pastures (Green).
    Once you have paid to Improve all 5 of your Natural Pastures (from Orange to Green), you can then begin buying Irrigated Pasture cards, to upgrade your 5 Improved Pastures to 5 Irrigated Pastures.