Haymaking Season

What To Do:

When you land on any of the 6 squares in the “Haymaking Season” you have the option to purchase a Hay Stack card from the bank. If you are NOT in drought a Hay Stack costs $500. If you ARE in drought, (or your bore has dried up) a Hay Stack costs $1,000. You can only own one Hay Stack at a time.

More Information:
  • You can NOT own multiple Hay Stacks at a time.
  • Your Hay Stack must be returned to the bank if it is destroyed (eg by fires) or used for drought.
  • Hay Stacks can only be bought from the bank and only if you are in the haymaking season.
  • If you are in drought or bore dries up, you can buy hay but it costs $1,000
  • If you don't have any sheep and you land on "drought", you do not need to return your Hay Stack to the bank.